09.00 - 10.25

Assume Breach. Trends to expect 2021.

How much of your cyber security is really under your control?




How to stay calm and make intelligent decisions during breach

Merle Maigre, Senior Expert on Cyber Security, e-Governance Academy I Estonia

  • Cyber threat picture in recent years and what to expect from the future

  • Cross-sector cooperation in response mechanisms

  • Red team exercises and tabletop exercises




Hybrid Operations in the Cyber domain

Catharina Candolin, Cyber Security Expert, OP Financial Group Plc

  • Cyber operations, delusive information mixing the traditional boundaries by purpose

  • Cybersecurity and cyber defence equally important in securing critical infrastructure. Private sector and public sector cannot be separated

  • What is your company role in the larger perspective?

09.45 Becoming a victim of an opportunistic cyber attack

Erkka Koivunen, CISO, F-Secure

  • Cyber security on leadership team’s agenda

  • How to be prepared for the worst-case scenario?

  • What is the right level of preparedness and who decides that level?


10.05 Putting operations back into SOC

Kari Salmela, Group CIO, CSO, Viria

  • How do you combine people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an organization's security posture

  • A centralized hub to monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats around the clock 

  • A more holistic approach to security situational awareness



10.40 - 12.00

Resilient and secure third party connections & remote working



Hackers! Do We Shoot or Do We Hug?

Edwin van Andel, Ethical Hacker, CEO of Zero Copter alias @Yafsec

  • The way hackers think and work, and how they can be used instead of fared by companies

  • How bug bounties and Responsible Disclosure processes can work, and how they sometimes do not

  • Opening the door to a safer online world – from a hacker point-of-view of course



11.00 Security Implications of Cloud Adoption and Remote Work

Kimmo Vesajoki | Country Manager, Finland & Baltics, TrendMIcro

  • Dynamic secure access, identity-centric risk insights

  • Visibility to cloud applications – how to secure the WFH era?

11.20 How to Choose the Right Security Partner

Henning Gaalaas | Director, Security Division, Pedab Group

  • Considerations and best practices for choosing the best security partner for your company; how to ensure the perfect match

  • Top questions to raise to a potential security service provider

  • Learnings from past successes and failures

11.40 ZTNA – designed for the future of work

Richard Meeus | Security Technology and Strategy Director for EMEA, Akamai Technologies

  • Zero Trust Network Access is the enabler for smart application access

  • Allows users to work anywhere and access applications everywhere

  • ZTNA – designed for the future of work

12.15 - 13.30

Combining Cyber Security, Business Continuity and Enterprise Solutions  




Cyber Security in the COVID19 era

Keren Elazari, Cyber Security Analyst, Author, TED Speaker, Friendly Hacker

  • Learning Innovation Lessons from Hackers



12.35 Assume breach and practise it

Tatu Monto, Business Director, INSTA digital

  • Why conduct cyber exercise activities?

  • Simulated cyber exercises  - what have we learned with our customers

  • Best Practises


12.50 Cyber in the Boardroom

Samu Harrinvirta, Regional Director | IAM Consultant, Intragen

  • Top 5 cyber questions that boards should be asking

  • Cyber as business enabler – Especially in digitalization and business transformations

  • Board reporting and risks. Cybersecurity is never just a technology problem, it’s a people, processes and knowledge problem.

13.10 Going From Strategy to Execution in Your Identity Transformation

John Lehtinen, Reuters

  • The adoption of standard-based protocols, automation and self-service 

  • Converting traditional legacy service delivery models into iterative product-management processes that business needs also during the process

  • Automate service delivery of new IAM services for customer satisfaction and cost reasons 

13.30 END of DAY