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Starting 9AM EET - Helsinki Time


Welcome & Opening remarks by our moderator

Jesse Kamras, Journalist & TV-host



Building a Cybersecurity Vision for the Organization 

Johan Boije, VP & CISO, Veikkaus

  • Discover how an aspirational cybersecurity vision can align with and drive business goals.

  • Explore how cybersecurity can not only protect but also enhance your organization's value proposition and competitiveness.

  • Learn strategies to secure commitment from the business and maintain transparency by sharing your cybersecurity vision's progress.


Advancing into the Future: The Role of AI in Tomorrows Cybersecurity Strategies

Errol Koolmeister, AI & Technology advisor, keynote speaker, The AI Framework 

  • A deep dive into the latest advancements in AI and how they are shaping the future

  • An overview emerging threats and how next-gen AI can be leveraged to predict, prevent, and respond to these evolving challenges

  •  Implications of using advanced AI in cybersecurity, including privacy concerns and responsible AI use, alongside practical strategies for integrating these technologies into existing frameworks



Human Centric Cyber Strategy

Petri Koivisto, CISO, Outokumpu

  • How to reduce cyber risk and protect data

  • Peoples role in cyber security culture


Networking Break


Fog of War: Uncertainty of Situational Awareness during a Cyber Attack and Incident Response

Teemu Eronen, Director, Cyber Operations, Wärtsilä

  • Cyber attack and Incident response: Where to start? What did we do?

  • Uncertainty of own and adversary capabilities; Adversary's motive and intent during the cyber campaign

  • The role and importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence: Learning and Sharing

  • Experience: How top management can contribute during and support after the cyber attack?



Navigating the Future: Zero Trust and SSE in Cybersecurity Leadership Strategies

Jugraj Singh, EMEA Presales Consultant, HPE Aruba Networking

  • Strategic Imperative: Emphasizing why Zero Trust and SSE are not just trends but strategic imperatives for cybersecurity leaders.

  • Adaptive Cybersecurity: Highlighting the need for an adaptive approach that evolves with the changing threat landscape.

  • Empowering Cybersecurity Leaders: Providing the tools and insights necessary for cybersecurity leaders to shape resilient and future-ready strategies.


Evolving Threat Landscape

Becky Pinkard, Managing Director, Global Cyber Operations, Barclays

  • Adapting to Emerging Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Global Shifts and Geopolitical Dynamics in Cybersecurity


Executive Guide to NIS2 Implementation

Laura Halonen, Cyber Security Consultant, Loihde

  • Building coherent surface for information security in EU

  • Charting and managing of the assets, risks and responsibilities

  • How to find course when lost?



Lunch Break & Networking


How to stay one step ahead of the attackers with a prevention first strategy?

 Jarno Ahlström, Evangelist, Office of the CTO, Check Point Software Technologies

  • Exploring cyber realities of past, present and future

  • Pre-emptive power of leveraging platformization & AI for prevention

  • Securing tomorrow. Learn about actionable tactics to combat phishing & fraud


Securing AI-models: Safeguarding the future of Artificial Intelligence

Henning Gaalaas, International Sales Director, Sorasec

  • AI-based solutions influence us and our society - often without our awareness - making decisions that can change the course of our lives

  • Trust and vulnerability in machine learning systems

  • Taxonomy of attacks on machine learning



Malware And Machine Learning

Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer, WithSecure

  • AI is here, it's real, and it's scary

  • How do we get the upsides without downsides?

  • What should we be doing now


Networking Break




Future of SOC: More Security, Less Operations

Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud

  • The future of SOC looks less like its past

  • AI is part of the future, but engineering-led approach to SOC is more critical

  • Detection and Response of the future will be more heavily automated


Busting Cyber Security Myths

Etay Maor, Senior Director Security Strategy, Cato Networks

  • What are the top 3 dangerous cybersecurity myths and examples from recent attacks of why they are wrong

  • Understand threat actors TTPs when it comes to modern enterprise architectures

  • Strategic, operational, and tactical approaches to countering these challenges


The security implications of digital transformation - Understanding our growing vulnerabilities

David Jacoby, Ethical Hacker, Researcher, Advisor, Entrepreneur, Coder, TEDx & Public Speaker

  • Risks in the age of connectivity 

  • The human factor in digital security: The role of human behavior and error in cybersecurity

  • Evolving cybersecurity regulations and standards in a rapidly changing digital landscape


End of the Day

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