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Starting 8AM EET - Helsinki Time


We open the doors - Welcome!


CEO Briefing - Invite-only


Opening remarks by our moderator


The Human Factor: Security Culture & Insider Threats

  • Common characteristics of insider threats

  • The role of leadership in sustaining security culture

  • Best practices for mitigating insider threats


Cybersecurity as a Boardroom Priority: Enhancing Executive Engagement

  • The evolving role of cybersecurity in business strategy

  • Real-world impact of cyber incidents on businesses

  • Overcoming communication barriers between IT and the board



Navigating the Complexity of Global Cyber Regulations: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Global cybersecurity standards: Anticipate and prepare for future shifts in cybersecurity regulations

  • Compliance as a competitive advantage: How meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements can be leveraged as a business asset

  • Building cybersecurity strategies amid regulatory dynamics: Holistic approach to regulatory compliance, integrating NIS2, DORA, and GDPR requirements into a unified cybersecurity strategy


Networking Break


The Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape and Its Impact on Global Security

  • Geopolitical Influences on Cybersecurity                        

  • Understand the evolving tactics used by threat actors to target corporate and government critical infrastructure

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to protect your critical infrastructure from ransomware threats and ensure the continuity of essential services



AI and Machine Learning in Cyber Defense

  • Advances in AI that allow for real-time threat analysis and automated responses to security incidents

  • AI-powered security tools: the latest tools powered by AI designed to enhance security postures and preemptively identify vulnerabilities

  • Unlock the potential of AI solutions to streamline incident response workflows, reduce response times, and minimize the impact of cybersecurity incidents

  • Do not miss the opportunity to leverage automating incident response and strengthening your organization’s cyber resilience


The Future of Quantum Safe Cryptography

  • The transformative impact of quantum computing on cybersecurity.

  • Quantum threats to current encryption models

  • Introducing and integrating quantum-resistant cryptography within businesses to safeguard against future threats


Lunch Break & Networking


Advanced Ransomware Negotiation Techniques

  • Exploration of how ransomware has evolved and predictions for the future

  • Effective strategies and legal implications in dealing with ransom demands

  • Developing strategies for minimizing ransomware impact and enhance readiness to respond


Implementing Effective Zero Trust Architectures: A Hands-On Approach

  • Implementation challenges and successes: Deep dives into the practical aspects of adopting a zero-trust framework


Supply Chain Security

  • Third-party risk management: Techniques and technologies for improving visibility and control over third-party risks

  • Real-world examples of supply chain attacks and how leading companies are securing their supply chains


Networking Break


Protecting IoT and OT Environments from Emerging Cyber Threats

  • Protecting industrial systems

  • Embrace the role of artificial intelligence in IoT cybersecurity

  • Latest advancements in securing vast networks of connected devices


Cloud Security Challenges - piece of cloud

  • Best practices for managing security across various cloud platforms and mitigating risks from multi-cloud architectures

  • Assessing risks and implementing robust security measures in multi-cloud deployments

  • Optimizing your organization's cloud strategy for digital success


The Next Decade in Cybersecurity: Trends, Predictions, and Revolutionary Ideas


End of the Day

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