Expect Breach. Trends to expect 2021.

How much of your cyber security is really under your control?



Preempting Emerging Cyber-Attacks

  • How to evolve to a new security paradigm that leverages big data, machine learning and automation to protect everything, everywhere, in real time?

  • Top 5 cyber questions that decision makers should be asking

  • How to lead effective, multi-team, information security training by combining the skills of your developers, attackers and defenders


Trends to expect in 2021 - what is new and what is different

  • Predictions like ransomware escalation and sophistication, synthetic media, hacking for hire and Cyber security as a service.

  • Third-party cyber risk management

  • The importance of managing the human risk of fraud and how to do it


Climbing the Security Mountain - protecting integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information.

  • Know the questions to ask when investing in cyber security

  • Secure the Future of your Business - Cyber as business enabler – Especially in digitalization and business transformations

  • Connectivity and 5G opening the gates for huge amounts of vulnerable data, how can businesses ensure that infrastructure is able to withstand hacking threats?


Trusting AI in Cybersecurity 

  • Cybersecurity is never just a technology problem, it’s a people, processes and knowledge problem.

  • Why don’t people take up cyber security advice? 

  • Delivering key insights into how organisations can secure their processes against malicious actors



Merle Maigre, Senior Expert on Cyber Security, e-Governance Academy I Estonia



Catharina Candolin, Cyber Security Expert, OP Financial Group Plc


Erkka Koivunen, CISO, F-Secure


Resilient and secure third party connections & remote working



Hackers! Do We Shoot or Do We Hug?

Edwin van Andel, Ethical Hacker, CEO of Zero Copter alias @Yafsec

  • The way hackers think and work, and how they can be used instead of fared by companies

  • How bug bounties and Responsible Disclosure processes can work, and how they sometimes do not

  • Opening the door to a safer online world – from a hacker point-of-view of course



Security Implications of Cloud Adoption and Remote Work

Kimmo Vesajoki | Country Manager, Finland & Baltics, TrendMIcro

  • Dynamic secure access, identity-centric risk insights

  • Visibility to cloud applications – how to secure the WFH era?



Combining Cyber Security, Business Continuity and Enterprise Solutions  




The Age of Cyber Warfare

Keren Elazari, Cyber Security Analyst, Author, TED Speaker, Friendly Hacker

  • Cyber Security in the COVID19 era

  • Learning Innovation Lessons from Hackers



Putting Operations Back Into SOC

Kari Salmela, CISO, Viria

  • How do you combine people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an organization's security posture

  • A centralized hub to monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats around the clock  

  • Compliance management


Going From Strategy to Execution in Your Identity Transformation

John Lehtinen, Reuters



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