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Safety and security in cyberspace

Philipp Amann, Head of Strategy, European Cybercrime Center (EC3), Europol (AT)

  • Key trends and threats: findings from the Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA)

  • Operational examples and real-life cases of European Cybercrime Centre - EC3 work

  • Public/private partnerships: Value of collaboration to tackle the end goal together


Resilient Cyber Security operations in an evolving Threat landscape

Benjamin Särkkä, Director of Cyber Security, Loihde Trust (FI)

  • Security as a business enabler

  • Evolution of Threat landscape



An Integrated IT & Security Approach for Proactive Risk Management

Chris Cassell, Principal Solutions Engineer, OneTrust (UK)

  • Security applications and monitoring systems hold key GRC program insights, but how can security teams tap into these insights to help inform better business decisions?

  • The key role that security integrations can play in reporting risk insights and updates to leadership

  • Common market trends and best practices to synergize your broader security tech stack with your risk management program


FIRESIDE CHAT: How to implement a sustainable change in industrial cybersecurity

Henry Haverinen, Senior Cyber Security Leader, Insta (FI)

Markku Tyynelä, Automation's Security Manager, Valmet (FI)

  • Managing cybersecurity in an industrial context requires a change initiative

  • The change needs to be implemented gradually in phases.

  • Engaging and training people and raising cybersecurity awareness are key parts of this change


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Business aligned security strategy

Erik Blomberg, CISO, Head of Security & Risk, Handelsbanken (SE)

  • Security risk management

  • Threat intelligence communication perspective on security strategy



Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management

Christine Bejerasco, Chief Technology Officer, WithSecure (FI)

  • How to improve your supply chain resilience

  • Traditional supply chain risk management only deals with a supplier’s ability to deliver a product on time and within budget. But organizations face new security, privacy, and compliance threats when working with third parties

  • Attacks, which often use ransomware, can impact thousands of organizations by targeting a single company. They can shock global supply chains with minimum effort.​​


Alert! Responding to a breach

Henning Gaalaas, International Sales Director, Sorasec (NO)

  • Why use time and money to prepare for a cyber security incident

  • How to stay cool, calm, and collected – and make intelligent decisions even during a breach

  • Know the steps you can take in the planning phase, during attack and in the post-production phase


Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Maturity Snapshot

Kalle Niemi, Identity and Access Management (IAM) consultant, Intragen (FI)

  • The maturity of Nordic organisations with regard to IGA

  • What are the most common challenges organisations are facing regarding IGA?

  • Most common drivers for IGA development



CASE: The strategy and vision of the ESA Cyber Security

Jean-Luc Trullemans, ESA Security Advisor, European Space Agency (IT)

  • The ever growing reliance on space services makes space assets (and provided data) key targets for any adversary because of their critical importance in finance, security and in our daily lives 

  • Space environment is not only 3C (Contested, Congested and Competitive), it is now in addition 4D (Diverse, Disruptive, Disordered and Dangerous)

  • Within this context it is one of ESA’s responsibility, to ensure secure and controlled development and operational environments to build up and operate space systems which are secure, safe and protected



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Think like a hacker

Greg van der Gaast, World leading Security, Cyber & Information expert (UK)

  • Understanding how cybercriminals operate has never been more essential for businesses and governments looking to defend themselves

  • Cybersecurity leadership & Establish holistic approach to security

  • An individual CISO or security team is not enough to keep the system safe – security is a priority for all in organisations


Ensuring “wartime” business continuity

Kimmo Vesajoki, Country Manager, Finland & Baltics, Trend Micro (FI)

  • We live in a constant state of war when it comes to cyberattacks like ransomware and cyber-risks like 0-day vulnerabilities

  • The goal of cybersecurity is to ensure business continuity even through disruptive events

  • How to define your Security strategy for agility and resilience in uncertain times


Changing the Game: Practical Steps to Improving Your Cybersecurity

Michael Daniel, President & CEO, Cyber Threat Alliance (US)

  • Effective cybersecurity involves more than just technical tools

  • You have to change how you think about and manage cybersecurity

  • You can’t have perfect security, but you can dramatically improve it


Phishing Decoded: Understanding & preventing modern phishing attacks

Joshua Crumbaugh, CTO, PhishFirewall (US)

  • How to protect your business from phishing scams and how to future-proof your organization against ever evolving phishing threats

  • Exploring the future of phishing attacks

  • Addressing the insider threat - Human error and people as the weakest aspect of cybersecurity



Preparing your team for the perfect storm

Dr. Bryson Payne, Director of the Center for Cyber Operations Education, University of North Georgia (US)

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) resilience in multiple-cyber-event scenarios

  • Counterintelligence training for teams in withstanding social engineering and related attacks



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