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MARCH 30th, 2023

Starting 9AM CET - Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen Time

Starting 10AM EET - Helsinki Time

9:00 (CET)


Peter Nyman, Journalist, TV-host 



Increasing cloud security with technology

Orlando Scott-Cowley, AWS Worldwide Public Sector Security Lead, EMEA, Amazon Web Services, AWS (UK)


Live Hacking demonstration: Exposing the macOS attack chain

David Jacoby, Ethical Hacker (SE)

  • Why you should conduct cyber exercise activities

  • Detect and Defeat Modern Cyber Attacks

  • Realistic view on cyber security: Why are we still getting attacked



How to Prepare and Respond for the Threat Landscape in 2023 and beyond

Apostolos Malatras, Team Leader, Knowledge and Information, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) (GR)

  • Threats, trends and future cyber security challenges that are affecting security operations


Efforts in support of cyber operation capability development

Mart Noorma, Director of CCDCOE, The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (EE)

  • The cyber operation capability development can be supported by reference frameworks and sharing best practices.

  • Incorporation of the cyber domain into multi-domain operations and multinational cooperation still requires significant effort.

  • Civilian and military as well as public-private cooperation are key to successful cyber defence.



Modern Cloud & Application Security with the practical use case from TUI

Sonia Verhaeghe, Head of Security Engineering, TUI (BE)



Networking Break




5 forms of social engineering we all need to be aware of in 2023

Rob May, Founder and Managing Director, ramsac (UK)

  • There are many forms of social engineering but what is current?

  • How does a cybercriminal apply psychology in their attacks?

  • How do we talk about this so people understand (at work and at home)?



A Look at the Clouds - An overview of the current state of cloud security posture

Jesper Larsson, IT-Security Expert and Researcher, Ethical Hacker 

  • To run your infrastructure through a cloud provider is a no-brainer. You have the possibility to start small and scale to infinity and beyond. There is no longer a risk of running out of hardware performance or storage exhaustion. We have established the norm of continuous everything, but what about the security aspects? Understanding how cybercriminals operate has never been more essential for businesses and governments looking to defend themselves

  • This talk will cover cloud security concepts from a penetration tester's perspective. What problems have we solved? What is being exploited? Where should we focus our security efforts? 



Offensive AI: The War of the Algorithms

Hanah Darley, Head of Threat Research, Darktrace

  • Offensive AI has dominated headlines in recent months, but what exactly is AI?

  • From hyper-personalized spear-phishing scams, to scaling attack campaigns, what impact has offensive AI had on the cyber threat landscape so far? What will it mean for the future of cyber security?

  • How can defensive AI win out in what is fast becoming a war between algorithms? 



Security Fusion – not confusion

Jan Mickos, Senior Vice President, Managed Services, Nixu Corporation (FI)

  • The maturity level in cybersecurity varies widely with industries and organizations

  • Focus on the technological solutions and specific weaknesses causes many to fail to see the bigger picture

  • Jan will walk through the actions needed for your organization

  • Security Fusion – releasing the full potential of current and future cybersecurity investments



Cyber Risks targeting Smart City Technologies

Ahmad Halabi, Cyber Security Specialist (AE)

  • Including Cyber Threat Intelligence, Supply Chain and Third party compromises, and Cloud Security


Lunch Break





CASE: ECCO – Stronger cyber security community for Europe

Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary general and founder, European cyber security organisation (ESCO) (FR)

  • ECSO's major strategic project dealing with the development of the European Cybersecurity Community

  • Project is linked the regulation for the European cybersecurity competence centres and the creation of national cybersecurity coordination centre

  • Project will support Europe in a structured organisation to deal with many different cyber issues and will involve all the different categories and communities of stakeholders


CASE: Cyber security at Radio Sweden

Annsofi Eriksson, CIO, Swedish Radio (SE)

  • Digital cyber defense in radio

  • Current and Future Business Security Culture that is shaped by The technology transformation that radio is undergoing and the turbulent world around us



5 key steps to cyber security to remember from this event

Mika Karpala – Sales Director, Loihde Trust (FI)

  • What are the key steps for cyber security, what to do in practice?

  • Hundreds of applications, countless frameworks, thousands of threats, daily news from all channels: How to keep it simple and stay calm.

  • It´s all about customers, employees and business continuity


Cyber in the Boardroom

Eddie Doyle, Global Security Strategist, Check Point Software Technologies (US)

  • With ChatGPT instantly providing instruction to wannabe threat actors on how to hack corporations, our industry needs to speak louder, encouraging talented people to join the 3.4 million cybersecurity job vacancies.

  • Board level lessons from the Uber CISO’s criminal charges & the lack of Board oversight.

  • How a Board (& employees) can communicate with technologists.



Security in digital transformations

Eirik Thormodsrud , CISO, Møller Mobility Group (NO)

  • Security in transformation projects requires changes in the whole organization, both organizational, processes and technical changes. 

  • Improving security across the organization by digital transformation

  • Top highlight areas of digital transformation projects such as handling risk, changing mindset and more. 


How and why hackers are getting in

Terry Cutler, Hacker, Cyber Expert (CA)

  • Top 12 ways hackers are attacking your systems

  • Cyber breach methods and costs

  • Incident response plans


Evolution of Attacker Behavior 

Christopher Porter, Head of Threat Intelligence, Google Cloud (US)

  • Cyber as a tool of modern statecraft

  • Update on the cyberwar in Ukraine and risks for Europe

  • Digital authoritarianism globally


End of the Day

Peter Nyman, Journalist, TV-host 

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