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Availability of OnPrem And Legacy applications in Zero Trust Architecture

09:30-10:00 CET / 10:30-11:00 EET


Petri Saarenmaa,
Specialist of Technical Cyber Security,

Organizations are moving from a traditional network infrastructure which is based on a perimeter firewall that protects the trusted organizational network. The transition is towards Zero Trust architecture.

One key challenge is the ability to publish the on premises applications to the mobile workforce, which could contain own employees doing remote work or partners and contractors with their own devices.

Netum Cyber Security Specialist Petri Saarenmaa showcases practical solutions to publish on premises web or Remote Desktop applications securely over the Internet in accordance with Zero Trust architecture.

The presentation is in Finnish.

SASE – a giant zero trust leap for this millennium

10:30-11.00 CET /  11:30-12:00 EET

Sami Isoaho.jpg

Sami Isoaho,
Principal Security Architect,

Loihde Trust

Security has very often lagged behind the evolution of IT. Agile methods, cloud, no-code, digitalization.

It’s difficult to develop as fast, when you live in threat-oriented and control-based process operation culture.

Is SASE a catalyst for change?

How can you take a data driven approach from Security to GRC to make risk-informed decisions

10:45-11:15 CET / 11:45-12:15 EET

Chris Cassell.png

Chris Cassell,
Principal Solutions Engineer,


Connecting systems with custom APIs is hard, but it doesn't have to be. Join this interactive session to discuss the state of security and GRC alignment as well as integration considerations. Security integrations can play a key role in reporting risk insights and updates to leadership. Learn how OneTrust can support your business, streamline and simplify your GRC programs.

Implementing a sustainable change in cyber security management

11:00-11:30 CET/ 12:00-12:30 EET


Eero Nyyssönen,
Director of Business Development,


• What are the typical challenges in cyber security management

• How to make change in a sustainable and permanent way

So your company was breached, got over it, what next?

11:15-11:45 CET / 12:15-12:45 EET

Ville Korhonen.jpg

Ville Korhonen,
Senior Sales Engineer,


After a breach you might want to look at your attack surface a little deeper, find existing vulnerabilities, and create process to deal with new vulnerabilities. Maybe it’s time to review your breach detection and response capabilities, technical tools and competence to use them. How to extend your capabilities further? Who are you going to call?

SIEM Data Visualization

11:30-12:00 CET / 12:30-13:00 EET


Terje Olsen,
Chief of SOC,


As networks become more and more complex, the number of devices to monitor has significantly increased. As a result, security analysts find themselves in a situation where they have lots of data, but not enough information. That’s where data visualization comes into play. Vital information is sorted and organized, and the most important threat indicators are clearly visible.

Join our Deep Dive to hear more about SIEM data visualization and how it’s done. We’ll present an example of a traditional way and show a demo of an alternative, modern approach.

Assess Your Identity Governance Maturity

12:30-13:00 CET / 13:30-14:00 EET

Kalle Niemi.png

Kalle Niemi,
Identity and Access Management (IAM) consultant


Join the interactive session to discover how identity governance and administration (IGA) can be assessed within your organisation. Why is it crucial to understand your current state and is it necessary to always aim for the highest possible maturity level? During the session we will do a joint mini IGA-assessment that contains some sample questions on various topics and analyse the results together. Intragen’s Kalle Niemi will be leading the session and providing expert insight on IGA and answering all questions that may arise during the session.

Secure your services faster! Whatever they are. Wherever they are.

 13:00-13:30 CET / 14:00-14:30 EET

Jukka Hupponen.jpg

Jukka Huupponen, Sales Engineer Trend Micro

New vulnerabilities are being weaponized faster and faster. Over 60% of breaches were due to unapplied security patches. For an average organization it takes around 69 days to patch a critical vulnerability in its applications.

See how Trend Micro Virtual Patching technology together with Vision One can help you shield your services in hours or even minutes instead of days, no matter where they are.

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