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Identifying the smart online authentication provider for Finnish businesses

With the TUPAS protocol soon to be obsolete, what options are available for companies requiring strong online identification protocol? Download the eGuide to discover why selecting a trusted broker is the smart, secure, and cost-effective solution.

A change in regulation means a change in strategy

The change in regulation on strong identification means that all companies using TUPAS must take action by the end of September 2019. But instead of viewing this as a pain, businesses should look at it as an opportunity to improve their operations and save time and money.

Download this eGuide to:

  1. Learn about the pros and cons of each available option

  2. Answer 5 questions you need to ask about your eID broker

  3. Read a real-life case study with an existing Signicat customer

"Signicat’s solution has helped us reduce the cost and administrative burden associated with customer identification. It has also supported our expansion into new markets seamlessly, all through a single authentication solution."

Teemu Nyholm, COO and Cofounder, Fellow Finance

Discover how Signicat helped Fellow Finance

Fellow Finance’s plans for growth were being held back by its time-consuming and expensive eID TUPAS solution. Read how Signicat Connect helped to reduce both costs and resources, saving 35% in customer identification costs.

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